SPP welcomes our 2018 Summer Interns!

SPP's Summer Internship Program has successfully kicked off and we have welcomed six new Interns to our office. The bespoke program is designed to offer university undergraduates from a range of different disciplines insights into a career in management consulting.

During our six week program, learning and development is integral to the role, both on the job and in formal training sessions.

Being a mid-sized firm with an entrepreneurial backbone, recruits have the unusual opportunity to really get to know our 40 strong team members and partners and, as a result, they gain immediate insights into our clients, projects and our unique DNA.

“Our Internship Program is important for a number of reasons,” says Partner and Recruitment Lead David Mackay. “Young professionals will learn commercial skills that enable the delivery of a structured, tailored, and evidence-based approach to solving complex business problems. Interns work on real client projects, undertaking quantitative and qualitative analysis, participating in client interviews and workshops, and helping develop client-ready communications and reports.”

“Our values of insight, influence and impact apply to both our clients, and our team,” David continues. “As well as delivering pragmatic insights for our clients, our Interns will gain exposure into the industries and clients we work with, the tools and methodologies we deploy, and the approach we take to solve problems.

“Importantly, they will also gain insight into their own personal strengths, motivations and abilities,” David says.

Each Intern is paired with a buddy, one of our consultant team members, who provide support and coaching throughout our program. Consultant Kade Brown has worked at the firm for three years, and has taken the lead role as Internship Program Manager. Kade says – “Consistent feedback, formal training modules and professional coaching are a key part of the SPP experience.  Interns will be working with some of the brightest professionals in the industry, and will leave the program well-equipped for a permanent role in management consulting if that’s what they’re after.”

“My role is to ensure each of the interns is settling well into the program,” Kade continues. “I’ll have regular catch ups with each intern, which will allow time for each individual to reflect on their experience and, through our conversations, help develop a comprehensive understanding of what they can do to get the most out of the program, and what this experience might mean for their career.”

“We’ve put together a great program where our interns can enjoy the social and professional events we have planned, while making lasting friendships,” Kade says.

Our Summer Internship Program allows our new recruits to immerse themselves in a rewarding real-life consulting experience. And their experiences here will have a lasting impact on their personal and professional development.

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