SPP is a thought leader and trusted partner to higher education institutions.

The higher education landscape is transforming rapidly, with changing government policies, increasing national and international competition, an uncertain funding environment and technological advancements all impacting higher education institutions. Australian universities are faced with more and more challenges as they strive to adapt to this changing environment and define a distinct value proposition in the competitive market.

SPP has partnered with universities to deliver impact through a diverse range of projects including:

  • Course and research costing
  • Campus and infrastructure planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Student experience redesign
  • Financial sustainability reviews
  • Research funding and grant support
  • Educational model reviews
  • Strategic partnership establishment
  • Business case development
  • Many more!

SPP’s depth and breadth of experience has been formed over nearly a decade of partnering with institutions.




Education Practice Lead

Ben Apted is a recognised higher education and research sector expert.  A Partner at SPP, he has helped many of Australia’s leading University, TAFE, and Research clients develop and deploy strategies to improve business outcomes. Ben has helped partners across most areas of University operations.  He believes that consideration of decision making approaches and possible options for change underpin most successful education projects, and has helped SPP’s partners decide on, and approach change in the right manner.  Ben is particularly interested in driving more sustainable and engaged revenue opportunities, implementation of student-centric and staff-centric business approaches, and making sure that business cases for major projects are underpinned by a strong commercial evidence base. 

How much control do you have over the student experience?