SPP understands the plethora of change being forced upon Financial Services institutions. Our clients face increasing regulatory burden, increasing customer expectations, business cost pressures, the emergence of new competitors and the ever-present demands of shareholders. These changes pose a threat to profitability and the freedom to operate.

SPP knows first-hand the nature of these challenges and has a proven approach to tackling these complex problems.

Redux | Data-driven customer relationships in FSi

Deep customer insight is a highly valued destination in financial services including banking, superannuation and insurance. Ultimately, it drives greater service, loyalty, and shareholder returns. Building a deeper and more insightful customer relationship, based on data, is more feasible than ever before. This article explores the 3 P’s that we think you need to consider in developing data-driven relationships

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Account consolidation in superannuation

Account consolidation presents a major challenge for superannuation funds. It was predicted that by 2015 superannuation accounts were expected to decline by 10 million which implies a conservative reduction in account keeping fees.

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Growing Capability in Financial Advice

This article explores how superannuation funds can grow their capability in financial advice without breaking the bank.

Super funds are increasingly turning to the role of advice in their Strategies which is a major catalyst for member acquisition, retention and growth.

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Surviving stronger superannuation

The Superannuation reforms force a number of questions for not-for-profit funds. How do you strengthen your market position to survive Stronger Super? What are your growth options to stay in the game?
Those who don’t take action could be risking a forced merger and all the consequences for their brand, unique service proposition, and stakeholder relationships that this can bring.

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Removing employer red tape- the new battleground in superannuation

The proposed decoupling of superannuation from Modern Awards will shake up the market, in particular for Not-For-Profit Funds.
SPP analysed the deregulation proposal and what the evolving landscape may look like in the next 3-5 years and found that member growth and retention will likely be a significant challenge.

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The Murray Review – The Odds of Implementation

As one of the most significant reviews of the financial system in Australia’s history, the Murray Review was eagerly anticipated in December 2014. Since its release, commentary has been widespread. A number of major recommendations were made by the review, and a broad array of impacts are likely to be felt if these recommendations are implemented.

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