SPP promotes Charles Boettcher to Senior Associate

SPP celebrates success: Charles Boettcher

We're delighted to announce the promotion of Charles Boettcher to Senior Associate.

Charles joined the firm in May 2017, after a two year stint working in consulting in London.

During his time in the UK, Charles worked with a number of clients across a variety of projects including developing growth strategies, and costing optimisations via strategic sourcing, while analysing the markets in which they operate. Working with world-leading clients such as Uber and an FTSE 100 insurance company has contributed to Charles’ understanding of the role consultants can play in solving commercial problems and propelling businesses to a competitive edge in their industry.

At SPP, Charles has demonstrated his ability to work with a diverse team in a fast-paced environment on client-focused outcomes. He also clearly demonstrates analytical ability, and is proficient in project management.

SPP Engagement Manager Tim Morris says – “I've had the privilege of working with Charles on a number of recent projects and I've seen first-hand how positively clients interact with Charles. His professional attitude and, most importantly, his consistent focus on client outcomes is what has led Charles to his well-deserved promotion to Senior Associate.”

Charles Boettcher

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